Yoga Re-fuel

Pure Yoga Fuel

After an intense led primary series class of Ashtanga yoga this morning, I was hungry, even after the big bowl of porridge I ate only 3 hours earlier. Since starting a regular morning practice of Mysore Style Ashtanga last week,  I have noticed a big increase in my appetite, and I am only too pleased to be gobbling down more and more food! A quick march home to ravage the cupboards and fruit bowl: I had one thing on my mind, a power smoothie.  Perfectly for my pre- or post-yoga practice, this is fuel in the simplest form. Bananas, honey and raisins for quick-release energy, oats for the slow-release to keep me going ’til dinner later (slow-cooker stew, watch this space!) and to bring it all together lots of yoghurt and milk. I’ve made this kind of oaty, banana, yogurt mash-up before, inspired by the fantastic Leon cookbook (number one, the original).

Breakfast Power Smoothie, page 141

‘Everything in there has a job: the oats provide a slow-release carb to keep you powering through til lunch, the bananas are loaded with potassium and other goodies to keep you strong, the honey gives it a touch of sweetness and the dairy pulls the whole thing together.

[Yeh, as I said.]


3 big handfuls of oats; 1 really big or two small bananas, fair trade; ; 2 tbsp clear honey; 250ml Greek yoghurt; 300ml whole milk; (+ any seasonal berries, eg strawberries in summer, blackberries in autumn)

Everything goes into the blender with a few cubes of ice. Whizz until smooth but not a total puree. That’s it.’

Mine was not this accurate in quantities, and had a few extra goodies – tahini, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins – I was possibly feeling the influence of my yoga teacher Susan’s raw food diet. Know as Wee Yogi, she keeps a food diary. My additions are only in the spirit of her raw food love of all things nutty and seedy, but it is a vegan diet as well as raw, so I’ve poo-pooed the no dairy with a double helping of smooth creamy white stuff – the raw foodies at Bristo Yoga School have not got me yet! Here we go:

Makes a pint glass full.

2 small bananas

a sprinkling of raisins (I would have far preferred to use dried figs but I finished them yesterday)

a small handful of sunflower and pumpkin seed mix

about 10 walnut halves

1 large tbsp of dark tahini

200ml approx Greek yoghurt

a few big splooshes of milk

a small handful of oats

a little drop of Scottish set honey


The tahini gave an almost peanut butter taste and thickness, and if I indeed had peanut butter I would have added a spoonful of that too. I did not add ice cubes but I think that would have been good, thanks Leon. More milk would make a more drinkable smoothie too, I could almost eat mine with a spoon but was not complaining.


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