What your food has been missing – Quick Pickle Red Onion

Flavours in food as need high and low points. A bit of sweet, a bit of acid, a bit of earthiness, something salty. One of my favourite ways to add a highpoint to my food is with quick pickled red onion as it lends that beautiful sharpness to a dish without the pungency (and lingering aftertaste!) that you get with raw red onion.

cooking cutting cutting board hands
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

I stir quick-pickled onions through hearty, robust salads of quinoa and roasted chickpeas, add it to a green salad, or pop it on top of a poached egg on toast for lunch. In fact, I seem to find an excuse to add it to so many of the dishes I make that I’ve started to wonder if I should mix it up a little! However I make no apologies for this. I urge you to try this, and try it today – it will probably become your new favourite.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes approx


Half a Red Onion
A generous pinch of Sea Salt Flakes
2-3 tbsps White Wine Vinegar (I find this is best, but red wine vinegar or cider vinegar will also work)


Prepare this before any of the rest of the meal you are making as the vinegar and salt will need 15 minutes or so to work its magic on the onion.

Finely slice or dice the red onion. Whether you want it sliced or diced will depend on what you would like to do with it. I tend to like mine sliced when I stir it through dishes before serving but often dice it more finely to mix through salads.

Put the onion in a cup or bowl (I tend to use a small cup as the vinegar covers the onion better this way). Pour in the white wine vinegar. 2 Tbsps should do it but if your onion is particularly big you might need a little extra to coat it all. Add a hefty pinch of sea salt and give it a good scrunch about with a fork. Set to one side for at least 10/15 minutes (longer doesn’t hurt it). Add to your dish and enjoy!

Leftovers last a few days happily in the fridge and can be added to all manner of things to elevate them to the next level (I rather like them in sandwiches).



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